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ZipCards makes it easy to scan business cards into your phone and copy the relevant information down and easily call or email the contact.


ZipScan makes it easy to capture any document or photo with your phone's camera. Just snap, edit, and save, then you can use the image anywhere.

Invoice Mini

Are you searching for a trusty invoice generator that lets you create and send professional invoices from your phone? Invoice Mini is the app for you.


PolyTime makes it easy to see the time difference between cities in real-time. Just add your home city and as many cities as you like, and you can easily scroll the time across zones.


You'll never have to worry about rain ruining a car wash again. Its automated notifications save you hassle, and washing your car less efficiently saves you money.


Secure messenger with self-destructing messages.


We made it easy to buy most needed tech stuff by picking best three items. Watch reviews, giveaways and unboxing and buy directly from Amazon.


A must-have app for every Android owner to find useful articles, apps, and giveaways on Android.
Curated list of top 50 apps and top 10 games.


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